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Local, national, and multinational companies often dedicate a portion of their income to helping college students earn their degrees. Whether directly or through a foundation, companies often fund degrees in areas of social, economic, or philanthropic interest to them or their shareholders. Their interest, of course, is in supporting future leaders and professionals who want to make a difference in ways relevant to them. Therefore, browse this collection of scholarship organizations nd companies to see if your dreams match theirs.

Bank-Sponsored Scholarships

If you need extra money to help pay for college, you’ve probably already considered going to a bank to help pay for your educational expenses. But, you don’t necessarily need to get a student loan. Bank-sponsored scholarships are a great way to help pay for college or grad school. Search our list of bank-sponsored scholarships here.


Food and Beverage Company-Sponsored Scholarships

Are you hungry for some scholarship money? Some of your favorite food and beverage companies could also be a source of major bucks for college! Check out this list of company-sponsored scholarships offered by food and beverage corporations for the chance to sink your teeth into some major awards.

AWARDS: 4,084

Law Firm Scholarships

Many law firms are giving deserving students funds to help cover education expenses. Browse and apply today!

AWARDS: 1,127

Medical Company Sponsored Scholarships

If looking for ways to pay for your education is giving you a headache, we’d prescribe searching this list of medical company sponsored scholarships. After all, free money for college is just what the doctor ordered! You can begin your examination here in our directory of scholarships offered by various medical companies.


Other Company Sponsored Scholarships

Just like students, companies come from various different backgrounds have an interest in higher education. That’s why so many diverse organizations offer company-sponsored scholarships to help students pay for college or grad school. For the chance to win your share, be sure to check out our scholarship directory for even more company-sponsored awards.

AWARDS: 6,965

Retail Company Scholarships

Want to know if your favorite retail store offers a scholarship? Browse this directory today to find out and apply today!

AWARDS: 2,294