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What Different Types of Minority Scholarships Are There?

Minority scholarships provide funding to students from various ethnic backgrounds. College students may find awards for African American, Asian, Latinos, Native American and other ethnicities. Scholarships for minority students help make college more affordable. Especially if you come from low income families. Minority students may receive awards based on their financial need or merit. Financial need is about income level and the info from your FAFSA. Merit is about academic achievement. You may need minimum GPA, community service, as well as other extracurricular activities.

Specific awards may relate to your major. The NYWIC Esperanza Scholarship is for Hispanic women majoring in journalism. The Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship is for black undergraduate students. You must be planning to pursue a career in technology. College students also are majoring in computer science, engineering and other business programs.

Four year public college tuition has risen over the years and is about $24,000 according to the NCES. Minority students may also use the funds to help pay for college costs. These could include tuition, fees, room and board along with books and supplies. 

Are you a full time student from a minority group and the first in your family to go to college? You may find financial assistance. Check out the Fannie & Sam Constantino First Generation Scholarship. It is for high school students with a B average. You must also plan to attend St. John Fisher College.

10 College Scholarships for Minorities

Here are some scholarships for minorities that you should apply for. Scholarship opportunities are available if you search for ones that match your interests, degree level and goals. Don’t forget to also submit before the deadline.

  1. Ron Brown Scholars Program
  2. Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship 
  3. James W. Stoudt Memorial Law School Scholarship
  4. Lagrant Foundation Graduate Scholarship 
  5. UNCF / Koch Undergraduate Scholars Program
  6. ABA Diversity Scholarship
  7. ESPN Scholarship 
  8. AICPA Fellowship for Minority Doctoral Students 
  9. Young Hispanic Professional Association of Austin Scholarship Fund
  10. HBCU Connect Minority Student Scholarship

Who Qualifies for a Minority Scholarship?

Your ethnicity or race may help you qualify for a minority scholarship. Ethnic minorities are African American, Hispanic, and Asian American. Native Americans may also apply for American Indian scholarships. Some awards are for high school seniors entering college as freshmen. College students who are currently pursuing bachelor’s degree program may also find various awards. Minority graduate students pursuing a master’s or PhD may also find awards. Minority scholarships for graduate school may come from student networks, advocacy groups and national minority organizations. Hispanic Scholarship Fund is based on merit. You also must be of Hispanic heritage. It’s open to high school seniors, undergrads, and graduate students.

Eligibility may also include: 

  • Specific GPA
  • Community service or leadership work
  • Unmet financial need 
  • Proof of U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident
  • Specific student group (e.g. undergrad or graduate level)
  • Type of school you are planning to or currently enrolled in (two year community college, four year college, HBCU)

Why Minority Students Should Apply for Scholarships?

Scholarships for minorities may receive more need based and merit awards than any other student. It may be a better financial option than borrowing student loans. Some scholarship programs offer networking, mentoring and real world experience. The Hubertus W.V. Willems Scholarship for Male Students offers up to 40 awards. Each one is worth $3,000. This is from the NAACP. They encourage African American students studying STEM to pursue a college education.

The more scholarships you apply for, then the more awards you may receive to help pay for college.

What Kinds of Challenges do Minorities Face in College?

Some challenges minority students may face are being able to pay for college. Also, transitioning into college may be difficult from high school. However, higher education has been changing and becoming more diverse. According to the NCES, about 19.7 million students attended college in fall 2020. Of them, 3.7 million Hispanic, 2.6 million Black students, and 1.3 million Asian/Pacific Island. 0.1 million were Native American students. 

Lower enrollment may relate to affordability, says a recent report from Sallie Mae. The study also points to a decrease in the number of families who filed a FAFSA. Only 66% of low income and 76% of middle income families submitted one. Reasons included missing the deadline or lack of information.

The U.S. Department of Education uses this form to find if a student is eligible for federal financial aid. You may receive the Pell Grant, work study, and loans. Some schools use it to award need based scholarships. If you had trouble filling the form out last year or waited too long, start fresh and early next time. You may be eligible for more financial aid than you think.

List of Scholarships for Minorities

Check out our list of scholarships for minority students below. We have 29,873 awards worth $169M.

African American Scholarships

African-American and black students looking for scholarships can use our Scholarship Directory to find awards specifically designated for this minority group. Some of the awards in this category simply require applicants to be a minority, and others require applicants to be of African descent.

AWARDS: 27,026
TOTAL: $105M

Asian Scholarships

Students of Asian descent, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Pacific Islander, and many others have several minority scholarship opportunities available to them. This directory makes it easy to find Asian scholarships for students looking to add more money to their college funds. Start browsing and find money for college through these scholarships for Asians.

AWARDS: 9,030

Filipino Scholarships

Scholarships are available for Filipino students studying at colleges and universities in the United States. Whether you're a recent immigrant or of Filipino heritage, we've collected a list of scholarships you're specifically eligible for. Click here to learn more and apply today!

TOTAL: $478K

Korean American Scholarships

If you are a qualified Korean American student or a foreign student from Korea, you may be eligible for scholarships. To apply for a Korean American scholarship, you must meet the criteria set by each provider.

TOTAL: $495K

Latino Scholarships

Like many minorities, hispanic students are suffering from the student loan crisis. Latino Scholarships, also known as Hispanic Scholarships, are offered by a number of companies, organizations and schools, resulting in a more culturally diverse experience for all involved. Browse and apply today!


Native American Scholarships

Native American students of all ages have the opportunity to help pay for their college education with these minority scholarships. There are several American Indian tribes that have specific scholarship programs available to provide funding for college tuition and fees. So, if you have a family history or are affiliated with an American Indian tribe, check out this list of Native American scholarships.

AWARDS: 12,607

Other Ethnic Scholarships

There are various scholarships available for minorities to take advantage of. We've put them all together in this list for you to find even more ways to increase your college financial aid. Start browsing and apply today!

AWARDS: 23,862
TOTAL: $136M

Scholarships for Hispanics

Hispanic and Latino students seeking scholarships for college can use our Scholarship Directory to find awards for this specific minority group. Most scholarship providers in this category require applicants to be of Hispanic or Latino descent, but many awards simply require that applicants belong to a minority group.

AWARDS: 19,383
TOTAL: $101M